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About Us

Jeanna V.



Jeanna began her career as a personal trainer (NSCA-CSCS) at a premiere health club. It is there that she was invited to become certified to teach Pilates through PHI Pilates. Jeanna quickly fell in love with the method. She realized Pilates was the only exercise method that was helping her clients see results no matter what gender, size or shape. Jeanna continued to study Pilates and went on to re-certify with over 725 teacher training hours through Body Precision Inc. in Bryn Mawr, PA.

Jeanna holds a special certification through the Pink Ribbon Program which helps women undergoing breast cancer surgery to regain confidence as well as strength in the affected areas.

Jeanna also became certified to perform AromaTouch, an application of 8 different essential oils applied along specific energy meridians for an unparalleled grounding experience.

Jeanna founded The Pilates Connexion in 2011 and recently opened her second location in Greenville,  DE. Jeanna has brought her personal training experience as well as her as athletic background to her teaching healing a variety of clientele and helping others to discover a new sense of empowerment through movement. Pilates also helped Jeanna through all 3 of her pregnancies and boasts Pilates is the best form of exercise to regain her "pre-baby" body. Jeanna now resides in Swarthmore with her husband and 3 children. 

Beckie B.


  Beckie was an avid Pilates student for six years before deciding that she wanted to teach. So she took the year long Fletcher Pilates Training. Beckie believes in the practice and results of Pilates. She also believes in working hard to get your results and growing people into the best of themselves without high impact on joints. The ideal of longer, leaner, stronger and more flexible bodies is her goal. Beckie loves teaching people of all ages and fitness levels help achieve their goals. Meeting new people and assisting them on their Pilates journey is her favorite part. She has been teaching for the last three years.  

Olivia S.


 A dedication to fitness has been such a positive in Olivia's life and she loves to observe people growing in an appreciation of fitness instead of loathing it.  She was introduced to Pilates while studying Ballet and Modern Dance at Goucher College.  Not only did she embrace Pilates after reaping its benefits, but also she branched out from Ballet and Modern to experience Belly dance, African Dance, English Country Dance and The Bar Method.  Her free time is spent doing outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking.  While teaching for school field trips at a living history farm, Olivia developed an engaging instructional style out of fear of losing the schoolchildren's attention!  She combines this engaging style with her movement expertise bringing "can't miss" classes to The Pilates Connexion.