What do I wear?

 Comfortable athletic attire that is not too baggy or contains hard tabs or zippers. These materials would irritate the skin and tear the fabric on our equipment. We also require socks with grips which can be purchased in studio with cash or check. We sell a variety of styles and colors for both men and women. 

Do I need to be flexible to do Pilates?

 NO. Pilates will help to create a balanced and "uniformly developed body." Pilates is focused on the quality of movement helping smaller, weaker muscles become stronger and equal to the once dominant muscles. 

Is it expensive?

 No. The price of health and wellness shouldn't be judged with a monetary value. Pilates will help to improve the overall quality of life just by being aware of your body and how you treat it. You will save drastically on the cost of doctor visits and medication costs by using Pilates to help eliminate disease and injury. Most people come off certain medications once they commit and stick with regular practice. We believe that is priceless.