Pilates Mat & Yoga

A series of exercises performed on a mat, which strengthen the core muscles of the body giving you strength and flexibility at the same time. These exercises will improve your posture and give you long lean muscles. In this class we may use small props such as light dumbbells, stability balls, magic circles, foam rollers etc.

 Yoga class concentrates on physical health and mental well being. We will use breathing techniques, body postures and meditation.  

Drop In           $25

5 Classes       $110 ($22 each)

10 Classes     $200 ($20 each)

20 Classes     $360 ($18 each)

Pilates Equipment

The Pilates Reformer, Pole, and/or Chair are used to complete a series of exercises designed to integrate the mind and body using a combination of springs and body weight, sometimes on a moving carriage, to help strengthen the core muscles used for balance and control while developing flexibility. Exercises can be performed seated, standing, lying or prone for endless ways to challenge the core. Prerequisite of an evaluation lesson needed before joining group classes.

Drop In           $35

5 Classes       $165 ($33 each)

10 Classes     $300 ($30 each)

20 Classes     $550 ($28 each)

Mindful and Intuitive Eating

Mindful and intuitive eating practices are not diets. They are mindsets that require you to trust your natural instincts and listen to your body's natural hunger and fullness cues. In these practices, there is no room for outside influences like social pressures to eat or not eat certain foods. There is no directive to eat or not eat specific amounts of food at specific times. Instead, these practices teach you to listen to know how your body is feeling and allow you to make food choices for yourself without judgement.

 Contact the studio to get set up.

Cancellation Policy

 We strive to provide a high quality, intimate class setting by limiting the number of students permitted in each class. By registering in advance, you are reserving your equipment and enabling your teacher to personalize each class based on his/her students. If you feel that you need to cancel, 24 hours allows us time to find a replacement for you.